Pro Shop Staff the following is a list of important dates and announcements. Please read.


May 21st – We will be having a shop meeting at 5pm. Be sure to attend or make proper arrangements.

May 27th – ISI Open Championships will be taking place all day. Everything is cancelled that day. No skating school, no public session, no hockey.

June 2nd thru June 10th – We will be holding SCAHA Youth Hockey Tryouts. We will be reviewing the process for enrolling signed players into the system as well as making schedule changes to properly staff the tryouts. There will be no skating school this week.

June 11th – This is the last week of skating school. Please remember that there are no additional signups for skating school in the last three weeks. During these weeks the only thing that the skaters will be doing are testing and their recitals. Please check your schedule for the skating school table.


All private lessons on public sessions are still required to pay for admission to public session. If you take a lesson on a freestyle session you still have to pay for the freestyle session. Same rule applies to public.

If someone calls and wants to book a summer camp, all day groups can be signed up regardless of number of attendees, while any week-long camps should be sent directly to CJ.

Friday night developmental hockey and power skating is requiring goalies to pay for admission.

Make sure that when you are sharpening skates to begin your passes softly. Several pairs of figure skates have come back in with flat spots dug out behind the toe-picks.

If you have questions add a comment below.