Schedule Changes –

June 2nd thru June 10th – We will be holding SCAHA Youth Hockey Tryouts. We will be reviewing the process for enrolling signed players into the system as well as making schedule changes to properly staff the tryouts. There will be no skating school this week. Please check your schedule with Mary if you are working the tryout table.

June 11th – This is the last week of skating school. Please remember that there are no additional signups for skating school in the last three weeks. During these weeks the only thing that the skaters will be doing are testing and their recitals. Please check your schedule for the skating school table.

Every Wednesday July 5th – August 9th – Moves in the Field Figure Skating Workshop . Each Wednesday 9am – 11am, from July 5th thru August 9th. Signups are available in the computer under the “Camps and Clinics” tab.

3×3 cancellations – 3×3 youth hockey has been cancelled on Wednesday June 7th for peewee’s and squirts. Wednesday June 28th for Peewee’s and Squirts. Saturday July 1st for Mites. Saturday July 15th for Mites and Wednesday July 12th for Peewee’s.

June 12th – The rink is switching over to the summer schedule. Double check public session times etc. Also this week our yearly summer camp program will begin. Please refer questions about summer to camps to the local ymca.

Notes –

Questions about summer camps should be directed to Jami. The camp we offer is only for figure skating children in Delta or higher. Questions or requests for a more basic skating camp should go to a customers local YMCA, they rent the ice from us.

Continue to pre-sharpen all the basic figure skate outfits. Excels, Artistes, and Freestyles should all get done.

The large box of dark and light jerseys in the jersey room is for Craigs SCAHA tryouts, please do not move them or sell them.

We now have straw water bottles, they are in the system $9.99. Do not sell them for the $6.99 price like the squirt tops.