Program Office:

A new program is beginning signups in the figure department. The Musical Appreciation class will be going from this week through the end of the summer semester. To signup customers for this, create two new enrollments under the skating school tab as “Production” classes. In the first enrollment change the number of weeks to 2 and change the price is the box on the upper right to $33.00. In the second enrollment leave the number of weeks at 5 and change the price in the upper right box to $82.50. Run both of these together when registering. The total should be $115.50. After the customer pays us for this they get a skating school card. They also need to pay Charliegh directly the amount of $115.50. They can change the number of weeks to a pro-rated amount. If they want to do this please adjust the price accordingly, each week should cost $16.50.

The current Figure semester has one more cancellation. The Fun In The Sun Hockey tournament on Friday, September 1st – Saturday September 2nd. Students can either take fewer classes to account for the cancellation or take makeup classes another day of the week. Also, Wendy added an additional week of skating school class to the end of the semester to help make up for the cancellations. There are now a total of 13 weeks in this skating school semester.

Every Wednesday July 5th – August 9th – Moves in the Field Figure Skating Workshop . Each Wednesday 9am – 11am, from July 5th thru August 9th. Signups are available in the computer under the “Camps and Clinics” tab. The clinic is open to any skaters working on their Pre-Preliminary Moves or above. For a complete itinerary check the website or see the flyer posted to the board in the shop.

August 21st-24th the hockey department is putting on an Elite Training camp. It will be coached by Brad Belland and times are posted on the flyer and online. It is $250 if they sign up by August 10th online. It is $350 in the shop.

Figure Summer camp participants require a medical release form to be filled out. This can be found on the website under “Figure Skating” > “Summer Camp Figure” > “Medical Release Form” (in blue text at the bottom left of the page). Should be above the “Click Here to Signup Now” button. Put completed forms in Wendy’s box.

On July 21st-23rd, Jim Stanaway will be putting on a Pro Goalie Camp. The schedule is posted on a flyer in the shop along with the cost, $200. Kids only, Mites – Midgets. Signups under camps + clinics in the registration tabs.

Pro Shop:

Warrior QX equipment is now on sale. Check out the new display.

Vapor Skates are here – Check them out. We have the X500 and X800 models. They are up in the racks and on display.

The Supreme Sticks are for sale starting July 28th, 2017. They are all upstairs and should be put down the day of.

We got more Jackson Skates in for this fall. Be sure to pre-sharpen and lace them if you have extra time.

if you have your new fall schedule please fill out an availability sheet in the metal binder on the shop desk. The sooner you get those in the better. Thanks.