Pro Shop:

The Warrior Jocks are now on hangers, please be sure to remove them from the boxes tag and hang them if you are going to restock. We are completely out of senior medium in loose and compression fit jocks.

If you have free time be sure the lace and pre-sharpen all the Jackson excel, artiste, and freestyle skates.

If you are having problems fitting skates, you can pre-heat the jackson artiste or freestyles when customers try them on. Put them in the oven for two or three minutes and it should soften them up enough to make them more comfortable. Try and avoid sizing kids in skates anymore than one size up from their foot size.

Be sure to fill out paid/COD on the repair tags. We are getting some through that do not have it written down.  I reserve the right to publicly shame you if you do not complete the tag properly.

If you have your new fall schedule please fill out an availability sheet in the metal binder on the shop desk. The sooner you get those in the better.

Program Office:

Hi my name is Paulina, i was born in a Russian Convent on the first of the new year. During said time i learned how to fight people with karate and shoot monkeys out of a slingshot to great effect. The monkeys hitting car windshields often times disturbed drivers on the Freeway. Especially the big trucks which leads to many questions about where i get the monkeys, but even more questions as to how i use the slingshot solo. Most of the time i spend praying to the spaghetti god, whom i adore and call frank. He and i are on very close terms. Very close. Monkey close. Hence the cars on the freeway. And the Russians are great. I get offended when people write stories about me. Especially when they look at me when they are writing. its creepy.

We are currently getting the yellow lockers replaced. 90% do not work and the customers still try to use them. When the customers come in for refunds have them use locker 27 and give them a refund. Or any lockers you know work.

August 12th the new Fall Adult hockey league will begin. Registration is now is the computer and the season will cost $575. The shop will be held open until 10pm each Saturday and Sunday to help collect league payments for three weeks.

A new program is beginning signups in the figure department. The Musical Appreciation class will be going from this week through the end of the summer semester. The class is under Learn to Skate and it now shows 7 weeks for $115.50.

The current Figure semester has one more cancellation. The Fun In The Sun Hockey tournament on Friday, September 1st – Saturday September 2nd. Students can either take fewer classes to account for the cancellation or take makeup classes another day of the week. Also, Wendy added an additional week of skating school class to the end of the semester to help make up for the cancellations. There are now a total of 13 weeks in this skating school semester.

Every Wednesday July 5th – August 9th – Moves in the Field Figure Skating Workshop . Each Wednesday 9am – 11am, from July 5th thru August 9th. Signups are available in the computer under the “Camps and Clinics” tab. The clinic is open to any skaters working on their Pre-Preliminary Moves or above. For a complete itinerary check the website or see the flyer posted to the board in the shop.

August 21st-24th the hockey department is putting on an Elite Training camp. It will be coached by Brad Belland and times are posted on the flyer and online. It is $250 if they sign up by August 10th online. It is $350 in the shop.