Pro Shop:

We are currently out of tyke SCAHA socks in navy and we have one pair in white left. More are already on order, but will not arrive for another week or two. Also we are currently out of Youth Large SCAHA Jerseys. These are on order as well but will not arrive until mid-september.

SCAHA warmup stock is running out. I am working with Craig on getting us more, but we have to change the style to a new brand.

If you are having problems fitting skates, you can pre-heat the jackson artiste or freestyles when customers try them on. Put them in the oven for two or three minutes and it should soften them up enough to make them more comfortable. Try and avoid sizing kids in skates anymore than one size up from their foot size.

If you have your new fall schedule please fill out an availability sheet in the metal binder on the shop desk. The sooner you get those in the better.

Program Office:

Yellow coin lockers are in the process of being fixed. If customers have problems with the locks getting jammed the key to open lockers up is in the safe.

The Fun In The Sun Hockey Tournament will begin on Thursday August 31st, in the evening and run through Monday September 3rd. All events in the afternoon on Thursday are cancelled. Everything, including public session on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is cancelled. Finally, the morning activities on Monday will be cancelled. Please inform the customers of these changes to our schedule. 

August 12th the new Fall Adult hockey league will begin. Registration is now is the computer and the season will cost $575. The shop will be held open until 10pm each Saturday and Sunday to help collect league payments for three weeks.

The current Figure semester has one more cancellation. The Fun In The Sun Hockey tournament on Thursday, August 31st – Saturday September 2nd. Students can either take fewer classes to account for the cancellation or take makeup classes another day of the week. Also, Wendy added an additional week of skating school class to the end of the semester to help make up for the cancellations. There are now a total of 13 weeks in this skating school semester.

Youth Fall In House League is now in the computer. It is $595 for the season. Placement dates can be found on the flyer in the Shop.

No new signups or walkons for skating school in the last three weeks of class because there will be no skating instructions during that time. Third to last week of classes will be testing, two weeks until the end will be practice for rehearsal, and the last week will be the rehearsal.

Make ups are allowed through the whole skating school semester. Students can also make-up a skating class with a ballet class.