Pro Shop:

The new freestyles will cost $324.99, while the old style ones cost $310. All Elles will cost $260. More skates are on the way from Jackson. We’re getting approx 300 pairs, be sure to put them upstairs and tag them with the proper sku’s.

We are putting Royal Blue Sport Stitch Names on sale. For $3 customers can get their name put on the $10 jerseys in royal blue sport stitch. The SKU is under 1SDIA and its labeled as the $3 Jersey name sale.

If customers purchase a house jersey they receive the vinyl name and number for free. This DOES NOT apply to the $10 sale rack.

We are changing the figure skate recommendations for starting skaters. Starter thru Alpha should use Excels, Alpha thru Delta use Artistes, Skating Skills thru Freestyle 3 use Elle’s, Freestyle 3 thru Freestyle 6 use Freestyles.

Program Office:

The swap meet is going to be held on April 28th. Equipment drop off times and dates are listed on the flyer posted around the rink. For additional questions ask Terri Polletto.

At the end of March we will be shutting down the rink for five days to paint the ice. Check with your managers for more details.

Reminder no walk-ons with three weeks remaining. There is testing in the 3rd to last week. Skating recital practice with two weeks left and the recital on the last week.

We have some $10 off coupons in the tray by the window computer for any customers who wanted to signup for skating school in the last three weeks of this semester. They are for new customers only.

Hockey Superleague signups are now in the system and we are taking signups for the summertime. All superleague games will be at SDIA and it runs from April 9th-July 30th. It is $300 per player, see the flyer for more information about specific age divisions and times. For the Pro Jerseys each player needs to tell Craig their size, he purchases those directly.

Summer House league is in the computer, see the flyer for details.

Summer 3v3 is in the system as well, see the flyer.

SCAHA Training is also in the system, see the flyer.