Pro Shop:

We are changing the figure skate recommendations for starting skaters. Starter thru Alpha should use Excels, Alpha thru Delta use Artistes, Skating Skills thru Freestyle 3 use Elle’s, Freestyle 3 thru Freestyle 6 use Freestyles.

Black SDIA Hockey Hoodies are on the way.

We have new helmet sweatbands on the front desk. Samples are under the counter, feel free to use a sample.

New compression jocks are in the same spot as the old ones. Loose fit ones are on the shelf above them now.

Please put ice cube stickers on the bottoms of inventory skates that have been sharpened. We will keep track of if skates were bought with us by using these stickers so all skates should get these going forward.

Program Office:

The swap meet is going to be held on April 28th. Equipment drop off times and dates are listed on the flyer posted around the rink. For additional questions ask Terri Polletto.

At the end of March we will be shutting down the rink for five days to paint the ice. After the public session at 3pm on March 31st we will be shut down for ice painting. The shop will be open normal hours. We will be back to normal schedule Friday April 6th.

Next weeks is the last week of skating school be prepared to do lots of registrations.

Ducks learn-to-play-hockey program is back. Check the envelop by the computer for a list of those participating in the program. Ask Kammy for details on how that works.