Pro Shop:

Jackson no longer makes Competitors. The equivalent are the new Debut’s. They do not come with blades. They do have the rhinestones on the boot.

Training got moved to June 10th since its going to be fathers day on the 17th. It will be going from 3pm-7pm.

The chloe noel pants and tuffterry soakers are now organized in buckets by size. Keep them folded nicely so we can quickly find colors. Also the extra t-shirts and shorts for the hockey program are also sorted by size. Keep them organized so we can find sizes quickly.

If you haven’t seen the new SCAHA Jersey Order form check it out in the jersey room. Its a little different from last years. Put all finished jersey order forms in the basket once they have been picked up by the customer.

Lets try to keep the culture professional in the Pro Shop this year. Mind what your conversations entail. Its not intent, but impact. Lets be conscious that the new employees may not be comfortable discussing certain topics.

Program Office:

Figure skating competition coming in May, ISI. Check the blue folder by Wendy’s box for more information and registration forms.

Check the test signups, no more than six TESTS total per session. One student may be taking four tests.

Figure Summer Camp flyers and signups are ready. Check the camps and clinics tab for signups and the flyer for full information. Make sure customers understand that the camp is for skaters Delta and above. In addition any private lessons need to be approved by primary coaches.