Pro Shop:

SCAHA Welcome package consists of 1 t-shirt, 1 navy baseball cap, 1 pair of shorts. These can be found upstairs next to the extra hockey sticks. If anyone wants a different color they are welcome to take any color they like from past years t-shirts and shorts.

Jackson no longer makes Competitors. The equivalent are the new Debut’s. They do not come with blades. They do have the rhinestones on the boot.

New Summer Meeting date is July 8th, 3-6pm at the rink.

Adult small SCAHA hockey shells are due in June 20th.

We are currently working our way through the jersey orders, estimated wait time from order is one week.

Program Office:

Skate La Grande is coming up at the end of June. Skating school is cancelled Friday June 29th and Saturday June 30th.

Fun in the Sun Hockey Tournament will be Friday August 31st and Saturday September 1st. Skating School will be cancelled both days.

Figure Summer Camp flyers and signups are ready. Check the camps and clinics tab for signups and the flyer for full information. Make sure customers understand that the camp is for skaters Delta and above. In addition any private lessons need to be approved by primary coaches.

Make sure we are checking in everyone at the window during the morning public session. We have many children in the building with the YMCA and for their safety we need to keep a record of everyone who comes and goes. Only staff are exempt from this rule.