Pro Shop:

New Summer Meeting date is July 8th, 3-6pm at the rink.

The new Skate fitting mat is out by the skate wall. Socks only, Do not step on it with Skates! “F” stands for ladies figure. “H” stands for hockey. Use this as a quicker version of the sizing stick.

New Bauer Skates are in stock and upstairs, we need to finish sharpening them over the course of this week.

Program Office:

Fun in the Sun Hockey Tournament will be Friday August 31st and Saturday September 1st. Skating School will be cancelled both days.

Make sure we are checking in everyone at the window during the morning public session. We have many children in the building with the YMCA and for their safety we need to keep a record of everyone who comes and goes. Only staff are exempt from this rule.

New class for skating school is Jump Start. Its is by invite only and the kids need to turn in an enrollment form signed by their coach in addition to the regular skating school registration.

MITF Workshop is coming up. Please help customers sign up for this in the camps and clinics tab.

Any skaters wanting to sign up for Production class will need to sign up for tryouts this fall. Not sure of exact date and time, but most likely sometime at the end of the current skating school semester.