Hello SDIA Team Members

In an effort to make sure all team members provide the best image for our guests, we have updated the dress code policy. Please read through the updated policy below. The major change is the red text below.


Our appearance is one of our most important marketing tools; our Organization must at all times present a clean, neat appearance. All employees are expected to arrive for work neat and clean. Since we are dealing with the public, certain standards of attire will be enforced. These standards are designed to create a favorable impression with our clientele.

Staff members must wear clean, DARK COLORED PANTS/JEANS/SLACKS. In general, no article of clothing should be such as to be found offensive by general community standards. Work jackets must be zipped to the white logo.

Hair should be neat, clean, and well groomed. Hair should not be so excessive in length as to present a danger when using equipment. Management reserves the right to order an employee to “tie-back” or otherwise restrain his or her hair.

The following clothing items are specifically prohibited in the work place:

-Sleeveless (muscle) shirts.


-Any clothing with words, pictures or images deemed inappropriate by management.

-Camouflage or fatigue clothing.

-Sandals or any other open toe footwear.

-Ripped or unclean clothing.

-Any article of clothing with a logo or advertisement except for those specifically approved in advance by management.

-Loose flowing clothing, including sweatpants.

-Clothing should not be too tight or revealing(ie- see through mesh)

-Long belts, beads, hats, necklaces, medals, chains, medallions, pendants, long earrings, or any article that might trip or otherwise endanger the wearer on the job.

-Aprons should be used whenever a job related task presents the possibility of excessively soiling the employee’s clothing.

-Jewelry is acceptable in modest amounts provided it does not in any way interfere with the performance of any job related task. Management reserves the right to order an employee to remove any article of jewelry deemed to be inappropriate or offensive.

Failure to comply with this dress code is cause for the employee to be sent home without pay. Repeated offenses may result in the termination of the employee for cause.

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